This Sunday is Epiphany of the Lord - There will be incense at all Masses except the 7:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday.
Welcome to St. Henry Church       
St. Henry is a vibrant and growing community of faith with a place of welcome for everyone.  We are over 2,400 families with a strong commitment to service and stewardship.  We have been living and handing on our faith for over half a century here in Middle Tennessee.  The weekend and daily Liturgies provide a beautiful experience of worship where we are nourished by the Word of God and strengthened by the Eucharist as we seek to live the Gospel of Jesus.  
With a great variety of ministries, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the mission of the church.  Our school, youth ministries and religious education program assist our families in handing our faith on to the next generation.  With an openness to all people everywhere, we seek to live God’s call to be salt and light for the world, guided by the Holy Spirit and sustained by the Eucharist.  
We hope you will find in us a home where God’s love welcomes you, inspires you, and enables you to live out your unique calling as the beloved son or daughter of God that you are!
Blessings in the Lord,
Fr. Mark Beckman

Mission Statement
St. Henry Parish is a Roman Catholic community in the Diocese of Nashville. As a sacramental people, we seek to reflect the presence of Christ on earth, especially through the Eucharist.
Formed by our traditions, we strive to be aware of the realities of our day while maintaining a vision of the future that calls us to pray and work for the building up of God's kingdom through the preaching of the Gospel and service to those in need, in cooperation with people of other faith traditions.

It is our hope that God will allow us to grow in faith and love, as we share our gifts with others, and finally to enjoy eternal happiness in His presence.

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Childcare is available at all Masses.


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Mingle after Mass  (Prime Timer's) - January 25th at 8:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Youth Events - Click Here  

Young Adults - Click Here

Father Boyle - The Power of Boundless Compassion - Sunday, January 28th in the Church. Click here for info and registration.

Passion & Purpose - Dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly presentation at Holy Family Church on February 23, 2018. Tickets and more information available at .

If you have not yet turned in your Time & Talent and Offertory Pledge form, please take a moment to do so. You may put the completed form in the offertory basket or mail it to the church office. If you need a new form, you may download it here.

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For more information on these events watch the church bulletin or click here.
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